How to Understand Whether You Want to Have Children

50 years ago, motherhood was the main goal for a woman, that’s why many men still want to marry russian women because they belive the maternity is their main goal. But nowadays, the creation of a family is not the main priority. If you are not sure whether you want to have children, how can you make the right
decision? If you marry a wrong man, you can always get a divorce. If you start a career in the unloved
area, you can quit and try something else. However, the child will be your responsibility for the rest of
your life. The following points will help you decide whether you really want to have a baby and are
ready for such a serious step.Do not let personal circumstances distract you.

When you try to make such a serious decision, you can spend a lot of time, analyzing your finances or
the essence of your relationship with a partner. Ultimately, this can distract you from a real problem.
You should better think about whether you are able to sacrifice some parts of your life to give your child
more love and attention. Your time for a career, hobbies, friends, and sex might be reduced, although
many couples find an ideal balance between themselves and caring for children. Yes, the financial
question cannot be avoided as well. With proper planning, nevertheless, almost any amount of money is
quite feasible, so do not give up on the idea. A child deserves to appear in a family where there is
emotional stability. If you are in a complicated and intricate relationship, you should postpone the
decision until later and try to figure out what is happening in your couple. Many women mistakenly
believe that the presence of a child will help to get closer. In fact, the new family member will only
increase the number of stressful moments.

Forget about the shame.

Many women feel lonely and guilty when they cannot decide whether they want to become a mother.
At the same time, more than half of pregnancies on the globe are unplanned. Someone realizes that this
pregnancy is simply undesirable, and someone would like to postpone it. In any case, you are not the
only one who can face such feelings. Another popular doubt is that you do not like to play with other
people's children. You are afraid that you will not be able to love your own kid. Many people wait for the
moment when the child becomes a "little adult" in order to selfishly satisfy their own needs. Although
the role of the mother has changed significantly in the last 100 years, everyone wants to be an ideal
parent. Many women begin to feel that upbringing is a too difficult task.

Whatever you decide, remember that this is your choice.

You still have to choose, and this is only your decision. You do not have to take such a difficult step just
because a gynecologist has advised the delivery as an option of getting rid of acne, or because you are
afraid of losing your partner. Nowadays, pregnancy is not a duty, unless you have entered into a
marriage contract with a prince from Saudi Arabia. And, of course, it is worth remembering that many
women say that the emotions from the birth and upbringing of the child are worth abandoning certain
areas of life. So many men, so many minds.