How to Know If You Have Low Self-Esteem

Many stories of human success confirm that our happiness is 99% dependent on self-confidence. The
only real obstacle to the achievement of the goals is low self-esteem. It can be easily confused with
modesty, moreover, often, it looks like selfishness or self-confidence. Boastful and arrogant people feel
unloved more than others. Since our perception is always subjective, it is not easy to understand
whether everything is okay with confidence. Here are a few signs you have problems with self-esteem.

  • You are a perfectionist.

The pathological aspiration to an ideal isn’t caused by diligence or cleanliness but by insecurity. A
perfectionist is extremely rarely satisfied with themselves or with others. Such a person cannot enjoy
the process, thinking only about the result. They come up with an ideal and then suffer due to the
impossibility of achieving it. To love yourself is to accept your shortcomings.

  • You feel shame and guilt.

It is simply impossible to avoid making mistakes, this is a very important and necessary part of our
experience. A self-confident person draws conclusions and goes further. A person with a low self-
esteem will beat themselves up. Moreover, low self-esteem is indicated not only by the feeling of shame
for oneself but also for others. To feel guilty for the actions of another person is self-hatred of a high

  • You do not take the initiative.

Low self-esteem affects not only the emotional state but also literally prevents happy living. Low self-
esteem makes you keep to yourself all the valuable ideas and doesn't allow you to climb a career ladder.
You are afraid to try something new as well as to seem stupid or smarty pants. However, nobody will
know about your talents until you show yourself.

  • You try to change something in yourself all the time.

The obsession with cosmetic procedures, training, and seminars on self-development is the same
attempt to create some other ideal person for creative places to have sex. Ideas about beauty and goodness are too subjective to try to
match them. This race is endless because you constantly give yourself another “penalty lap.”

  • You depend on other people’s opinions.

People with low self-esteem always want to know how others are treating them because they cannot
decide who they are. They need approval like air, and they perceive criticism as the absolute truth. To
cease to depend on what others say and think, it is necessary to develop an inner core of self-confidence
and learn how to hear your thoughts and understand your desires.

  • You cannot describe yourself.

It seems that only you can tell the whole story about yourself. However, if a person has low self-esteem,
the request to describe themselves can puzzle them very much. It is difficult for them to characterize
their appearance and name their strong sides.

  • You do not know how to take compliments.

When you hear a compliment, you begin to question it fiercely. You try to prove that you do not deserve
praise. It’s difficult for you just thank a person, not focusing attention on what is happening.