7 Ways to Deal with Anxiety When You Live Alone

It doesn’t matter how tired you are of some people, it may be scary to come to an empty apartment and
sit alone with your thoughts. A lot of people do not tolerate loneliness. According to the research, there
is an increased likelihood to suffer from negative thoughts when you live alone. Sometimes, of course,
you can be pleased with the opportunity to spend time without anybody, but over time, negative
emotions can cause concern. Here are a few ways to cope with anxiety if you live on your own and are
afraid of monsters under the bed.

1. Find contact with people from the youth.

Open the list of contacts and scroll it down. When was the previous time you talked to your classmate?
Send a couple of simple messages to a person with whom you had a good relationship, and you would
like to talk to. You're never too old to revive a friendship, especially if people are associated with
something pleasant. It is an effective way to restore confidence.

2. Help the community.

An interesting way to spend the evenings with pleasure is to take part in public initiatives. If you
contribute to the happiness of other people, it will have a good opposite effect and bring a sense of
satisfaction and positive emotions.

3. Keep in touch with your relatives.

Keeping a close relationship with relatives is a good way to overcome anxiety when you live on your
own. When you have a good relationship with the family, communication with beloved ones will help
support a sense of security. When you have difficult times, they will remind you of how strong you are
and how great you managed earlier. If you have a family, you have someone to call and tell everything,
even if you are living in another city.

4. Use modern technologies.

Technology and social networks have improved the world in which we live, so, in fact, you are never
alone! Use live stream, FaceTime or Skype to fill your life with communication. Online activity can be a
way out if you seek to keep in touch with a lot of people. Just be sure that you do not replace them with
offline relationships.

5. Think about the pet.

One of the best ways to make your home cozier is to get a pet. Cats and dogs have a serious impact on
the emotional state of their owners and help significantly reduce the risk of stress, anxiety, and social
exclusion. Take into account that if you spend a bigger part of your time at work or live in a small
apartment, then you need to choose a kind, which does not require serious care.

6. Be busy.

Do not underestimate the power of the mind, which is not engaged in anything. Your attention should
be occupied to have no time for new doubts. Leave yourself something to do when you come home, it
can be a book or TV series. In addition, do not avoid special exercises and training for the brain, solve
the puzzles.

7. Ask for help

If none of the above-mentioned options helps, contact a specialist for assistance. Sometimes, the feeling
of loneliness is like a tiny push to get the complete independence. You shouldn’t feel ashamed for that.
Remember that the blue sky hides behind each dark cloud.